With the investigation underway, many people are taken back by the horrific murders.

As residents send their condolences, people are in shock that this happened in their backyard, right off of one of the busiest streets in the city, Memorial Highway. 

A little over 24 hours the city of Mandan was hit with a tragedy they never saw coming. 

“Every once in a while you have a stabbing or something but nothing you just don’t have something that happens as much as this. It’s sad,” said Eileen Joersz, Mandan resident. 

Four bodies were found at RJR Monday morning. The business sits along a busy road with many attractions and businesses like Midway Lanes and several fast food restaurants.

“It’s a property management business that leases out apartments. I do know one person that works there at my previous employment and so it hits close to home,” said Taylor Pinder, Bismarck resident.

Many people say the unknown and the fact that no suspect is in custody is making them uneasy.
others say they are continuing to go about their daily routine.

“I mean, I am always looking over my shoulders anyway and I have done that since I was in the United States Marine Corps,” said Jesse Jose, Bismarck resident.

The Mandan Police Department is asking anyone with additional information to come forward. 
This is a sensitive time and officials ask you to be thoughtful with the victim’s families.