Retired Burleigh County Judge Receives Award for Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Bismarck’s Abused Adult Resource Center provides full-scale emergency support for victims of domestic violence. 

For the past 25 years, they’ve given an annual award to one community member who’s made a difference in the lives of these victims.

Today recently retired Burleigh County Judge, Bruce Haskell was given the ‘Love Without Fear’ Award. 

Judge Haskell sat on the bench for 24 years. During that time, AARC says he was approachable and understanding of what victims were going through.

He told us, he couldn’t advocate for them directly as a judge on their case, but he did everything he could to make sure their rights were protected.

Judge Haskell says in criminal cases, he always put victims first.

He explains, “It isn’t just all black and white like some people think, and you need to be so considerate of all of the circumstances that the victims find themselves in.”

Judge Haskell says he was shocked when he found out he was going to receive the award. 

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