Ricky Anderson Awarded Meritorious Citizen Award

Our men in blue risk their lives every day, but sometimes, our officers need a hero of their own.

Wednesday night, Bismarck Police handed out awards to officers and civilians.
The meritous citizen award goes to a civilian who distinguished themselves by a selfless act risking injury or death. We wanted to introduce you to Ricky Anderson, a man who helped BPD possibly save a life.

Lt. Michael McMerty: BPD: “It started off as a simple trespass, what we had was an individual trespassing at a local hotel.”

On November 11th, Lt. Michael McMerty was awaiting back-up.. when a situation escalated.

Lt. Michael McMerty: BPD: “My concern was he had a knife, and he had access to it. So trying to control him, keeping him from getting the weapon at the same time while trying to pull him as he’s braced in the bathroom. That’s when Mr. Anderson jumped in and helped pull the subject out of the bathroom.”

To Ricky Anderson, how to react didn’t take a second thought.

Ricky Anderson; Award Recipient: “The only way to help that officer was to get in, grab the other arm, take the suspect down.”

Anderson was a police officer in Minot. Now, he’s a security guard.

Lt. Michael McMerty: BPD: “I think his actions, he did not hesitate to jump in. He knew the subject was armed. He was familiar with the subject and he knew he was an aggressive type person. He knew the danger that was involved with becoming involved in this altercation, and yet, he did not hesitate to help me out.”

As for Anderson, while he was in the right place at the right time, it was the least he could do.

Ricky Anderson; Award Recipient: “I do the best I can at that to make sure the city stays busy and they can do other high-priority things going on.”

The award that Anderson won, the meritorious citizen award, is the highest award a citizen can receive.

That officer told us that in his 22 years on the force, he has never experienced such an exhaustive arrest.

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