River Management Changes Still Years Away

Seems odd that in a time of drought — flooding is on the minds of thousands along the mouse river..

Six years after the Mouse River hit record levels in Minot – wrecking thousands of homes and causing a billion dollars in damage, flood protection for the Mouse River valley is still years away.

Jim Olson is live in Minot with an update on the ‘management’ side of that equation.

We told you last week that actual construction on the first phases of flood protection for Minot have been delayed to next year.

But what about changes to the 1989 international agreement that governs river management?

The International Souris River Board oversees river policies and met in Manitoba today.

About four years ago, the ISRB started the process of reviewing policies that might have been faulty in handling the water in 2011.

But as of today, bureaucratic red tape continues to delay the review.

A member of the International Joint Commission – the parent of the ISRB – told me he’s hopeful for the green light soon.

(Wayne Jenkinson, International Joint Commission) 

“Once we get the go-ahead then the horizon is really a two or three year investigation at which point we’ll have recommendations for the governments, depending on what the studies tell us, as to how we might change the way we manage water in the basin collectively.”

Jenkinson told me it’s up to the US State Department and Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs to get the process moving that could lead – in several more years – to management changes on the Mouse River.

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