Runners Hit the Trails for the Third Harmon Lake Trail Festival

Runners weren’t afraid to venture off the beaten path this weekend at the Harmon Lake Trail Festival.

Those who took to the trails got more than just a pretty view with their workout.

It isn’t Liam Sondeland’s first time hitting the trails.

“It’s like my 5th time,” Sondeland says.

In fact, 10-year-old Liam is no stranger to going the distance.

“it’s fun, I like how long it is,” Sondeland says.

And his inspiration is never far away.

“My Dad was a cross country runner so I really like cross country,” Sondeland says.

The windy weather didn’t stop anyone from hitting the ground running.

“You’re going through trees and you have to navigate the trail,” Ben Welnak, Harmon Lake Trail Festival says.

Welnak says the obstacles runners face along the way make trail running special.

“You know there’s rocks and holes and different things that keeps your mind engaged,” Welnak says.

The summer running festival offered the chance to compete in races from a 5k to a full marathon.

Anyone 10 and over could run in the 5k race.

One first-time trail runner says it was the challenge that drew him to the race.

“It was good the hills are pretty deceiving. You can maybe see the end of the trail but then you just back out and have to run a whole lot more,” Cody Remboldt, 5k runner says.

And the views are hard to beat.

“I like getting out in nature and enjoying the beautiful things that we have here in North Dakota,” Remboldt says.

As for Liam, every race is a chance to get a little bit better.

“That’s my best finish so far,” Sondeland says.

For those dashing towards the finish line, that could be the best view of all.

Liam was able to run away with fifth place over all in the 5k.

Beating his previous record with a time of less than 30 minutes.

Tomorrow will be the last day runners can compete in the three day running festival.

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