Rural school takes its learning curriculum to the next level

Drake-Anamoose students will come back to find something different when they arrive on their first day.

“A lot of collaboration, a lot of creative thinking, a lot of problem solving,” said superintendent Steve Heim. 

The Smart Lab is a learning system only a a handful of schools in the state have so far.

“It incorporates math, reading, science, health many different areas of education,” said Heim.

Students K-12 will be able to learn about animation, robotics, and electronics through fun projects they get to pick on their own. 

“There’s 320 different learning launchers that we can use each one is set up for four different levels of learning, we want the students to research, find solutions –find what works,” said Heim.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: Smart Lab takes the traditional way of learning and makes it into a more engaging experience –you almost forget you are learning”. 

“This is 20 percent of the teachers, 80 percent of the kids,” said Brittany Bromley.

As a second grade teacher, Mrs. Bromley plans to use the lab to enrich her lesson plans on Math and science. 

‘They might get a mini lesson from us –how do you know what are circuits, what is friction but then they get to come here and actually dig in deep and figure out how can I make friction, ” said Bromley.

Once the school year starts elementary kids will be required to spend time in the lab and high school kids will have the choice to take spend time in the lab as an elective and receive school credit. 

“I think that fact that they can really tie their education into their own interests is just going to be huge,” said Heim. 

Heim feels that education like this is exactly what Governor Burgum’s Innovative Education Initiative is all about. 

“He wants creative thinking he wants problem solving, he wants us to teach outside of the box,” said Heim.

The total cost to get the the Smart Lab was 85-thousand dollars.It was funded through grants and community donations.

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