Rural Students Given Opportunity Travel to Bismarck for Additional Resources

Rural school districts, including reservations, don’t have the same access to education resources.

Today, Native American 10th-grade students from four rural districts traveled to Bismarck to explore possible career paths. 

They had the chance to learn hands-on. Students were taught CPR, how to use a tourniquet, and how to tape up broken fingers.

Upstairs in graphic design, they were working their way through editing and design software.

A little over 70 students took part.

Standing Rock Community High School Student Frankie Jamerson explains, “It’s more hands-on. If we went to do it in Standing Rock, it wouldn’t be as hands-on, you know.”

It was a collaborative effort by ND United and the Missouri River Area Career and Technical Center.

This is a first-time event that they hope to continue.

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