Russia: Our Fighters Turned Back B52 Bombers


B52 bombers were intercepted by Russian fighter jets over the Baltic Sea and Black Sea yesterday according to the Russian government.
And it appears the bombers had taken off from Minot Air Force Base.

Video released by the Russian Defense Ministry claims to show one of the B52s as it approached the border of Russia.
The Defense Ministry says the video was taken by one of its SU-27 fighter jets.
The bombers were not accused of flying in Russian airspace – but were said to be approaching Crimea in a provocative manner.
An article in the online magazine called “The Drive” says there is no indication the American and Russian aircraft came dangerously close together.

Another online magazine, “The Aviationist,” reports that, on the way back to North Dakota, one of the three B52s from Minot had to make an emergency landing in the United Kingdom due to an in-flight emergency that the magazine reports was a fire in two of its eight engines.
No injuries were reported.

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