RV Camper Safety

It’s incidents like the one in Watford City that had us wondering what safety precautions you should be taking —near your RV camper.

…..As summer fun is in full swing — safety can easily be forgotten.

“The weather changes in five minutes around here so you should always have some type of — I tell people all the time –some type of app on your phone,” said Capitol R.V. sales manager James Baker. 

That lets you monitor the weather because it can easily rain on your parade. 

“If you know that there’s hail, lighting, wind stuff like that coming — your RV probably isn’t the safest place to be,” said Baker. 

The best thing to do is to seek shelter, and have an evacuation plan set in place. 

“Make sure you contact your camp managers or your camp rangers or whatever and find out where that evacuation plan is where the shelter is those types of things,” said Baker. 

and if all else fails get in your car… 

These things are big, they’re easy to overturn in high winds, get out of them –get into a vehicle roll up the windows and wait the storm out if you have to,” said Baker. 

At Roughrider Campground, they make sure to let their guests know of any severe weather heading their way. 

“If we do know that there’s weather coming –even storms when people check in we do say there is severe weather coming in tonight,” said Roughrider Campsite manager Connie Jenkinson. 

Nathalie Gomez Reporting: If bad weather is approaching visitors at this campsite could seek shelter in the basement of this building”. 

“Sometimes even if it’s not tornado warnings- if it’s just storming thunder and lighting they just like to know that it’s there if they need it,” said Jenkinson. 

but shelters vary at each campsite, so be sure to locate one if severe weather is possible. 

If you are at a campsite and it happens to be storming make sure to clear out anything that could be blown around out of the way.

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