Sakakawea Level Jumps, Corps Official Says It’s In Line With Projections

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The level of Lake Sakakawea is up two feet in the past seven days.
But the project manager for the Garrison Dam says it’s in line with what the Corps of Engineers expected.

Todd Lindquist says the big rise recorded from Thursday to Friday – eight-tenths of a foot – was largely due to shifting winds.

He says the lake is still expected to crest at about 1851.7 feet in about two weeks.
That’s nine-thenths of a foot higher than its current level.

He says inflows are still well over the 44,000 CFS that the dam is sending downstream.
And the Corps is watching it closely for any possible increase in releases from Garrison Dam.

(Todd Lindquist, Garrison Dam Project Manager) “If the inflows stay high next week we might consider increasing releases a little bit on the regulating tunnel and when I say that it would probably be a few thousand CFS, not anything significant.”

Lindquist says snowpack feeding the Yellowstone River is down to just three inches – and that’s a good sign that inflows will drop before long.
The Yellowstone is the largest part of the runoff into the system right now.

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