Salt Can Be Damaging To Vehicles

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When road conditions get dangerous from North Dakota winters, there’s an extra amount of salt that we drive on.

Once that salt sticks to our vehicles, an auto body shop professional says it’s important to get your cash washed off.

Anti-icing products can be corrosive to vehicles especially when it’s left on for weeks or months.

The problem becomes even worse when it’s wet because the salt can spread easier and faster in hard to reach spots.

“My advice would be to get it off as soon as possible and then pay extra attention to getting up under the wheel wells, in the hard to reach places,” says Cory Almy, President/CEO of Minot’s Finest Collision Center.

Almy says that when you get a carwash it would be helpful to ask for under body scrub so the salt gets out of those hard to reach areas.

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