Salvation Army bell ringers set a goal

This year the Minot Salvation Army hopes to raise 120-thousand dollars through their bell ringers, and they just might be able to accomplish that because four of their volunteers have made giving back a bit of a competition.

Christi and Warren Malcome have been Red Kettle Bell ringers for almost four years.

“It really makes me happy you know people get help from this kind of stuff,” said Christi.

‘I like the volunteer part of it to know we’re helping,” said Warren. 

Ed and Karol are bell ringers too, they do it because they’ve been helped by the Salvation Army in the past.

 “We were in the flood and they fed us well when we were working on our house and it’s just a way of paying it forward,” said Karol.

The two couples have a goal this season and that’s to raise the most money.

“Now that I’m in a wheel chair I can’t do many things and this one of the things I can do,” said Ed. 

and they’ve got a fun way to accomplish their goal.

“The other couple is here for four hours a day we’re here for four hours a day and we’re both trying to beat the other team out on how much money we take in,” said Karol.

The money collected then goes to help with heating assistance programs and the salvation army food pantry.

“It’s a great opportunity for them to raise money for use to help the Salvation Army here in Minot,” said Captain Randy Stahl with the Salvation Army in Minot.

Next time you hear a bell ringing, remember there’s someone trying to raise the most they can for those in need. 

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