Scam Alert — watch out for fake DEA calls

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Watch out — you may be getting a scam call from people claiming to be members of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The crooked calls threaten legal action if an exorbitant fine is not paid immediately over the phone.

Victims are instructed to pay a “fine” by wire transfer or through gift cards to avoid being arrested, prosecuted or imprisoned.

Some scammers will toss out a few bits of your personal information to make the call seem genuine — but the information they offer is easily found online.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says it never contacts the public by phone to demand money or any other form of payment.

The DEA also will not request any personal or sensitive information over the phone.

Notification of a legitimate investigation or legal action is made via official letter or in person.

Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person claiming to be a DEA special agent or other law enforcement official seeking money should report the threat by calling 877-792-2873.

To report scam activity online, visit this website.

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