Have you ever gotten a questionable email or a phone call targeting you and your wallet?
KX News shows you the IRS scam that’s targeting victims across the nation and right here in North Dakota. The IRS scam is number one in the state, and also nationally. I’ll show you what the warning signs are and how to check if you’re being scammed.”
If you receive a call from someone claiming to be the IRS, the scammer will say you are far behind in your taxes and you owe them a large amount of money. Scammers can threaten you with arrest or blocking your bank accounts. They say this in hopes you will give them money to make the “problem” go away.
Wayne Stenehjem is the North Dakota attorney general. His office handles scam complaints like this one.
Wayne Stenehjem: “They play upon that fear that people naturally have about paying their taxes. But, even so the IRS is diligent as they can be in collecting taxes, do have a process that they go through and it is much more sensible than simply calling somebody up out of the blue and demanding money and certainly demanding that you wire money or that you get a money card to pay the bill.”
Here are the warning signs you need to know about:
It starts with the point of contact; the IRS will almost never contact you by phone.
If you do owe tax money, the IRS will have repeatedly contacted you by mail.
If you still think you may owe money, never give any personal information over the phone. 
Stenehjem says that if anyone is uneasy about a questionable call, contact his office.
Wayne Stenehjem: “I always remind people that if it sounds too good to be true, if you’re worried about it and it seems to be a scam then it probably is.”
To contact the North Dakota Attorney General’s office, click here.
If you’d like to report a scam to KX News, email Malique Rankin at

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