A shortage that is affecting the nation, is also being felt here.

There is a need for more school bus drivers.

Reporter Nathalie Gomez shows us why it’s so hard to hire and keep new drivers.

As a newer bus driver, TJ Huber ran into some negatives when he first started out driving and that’s why many school districts are struggling.

“We’re running a lot of routes on a regular basis it’s just where the shortage comes is typically when we need someone, it’s pick them up in the morning drop them off in the afternoon and it’s just 20-25 hours a week,” said Minot public schools director of transportation Barry Brooks.

Brooks adds, that many new bus drivers don’t qualify for benefits,  and then add that in with lack of hours and low salary.

“It’s an ongoing problem if had a couple of drivers go down sick, or say I have one who needed a day off for a graduation or a medical issue and then someone calls in sick then we’re scrambling,” said Brooks.

To become a school bus driver you must obtain a CDL license, be in good physical health, pass a drug and alcohol test as well as a background check and be at least 21 years old. 

When I decided to make a change I looked for something that would accommodate our lifestyle our family lifestyle and just something that we could work on a closer schedule together”. “It’s an enjoyable profession I really do enjoy it,” said bus driver TJ Huber.

Now Huber is driving close to full time. 

but the need for new drivers is still there, so Brooks is hoping to advertise on the buses driven around town in hopes that it will attract more candidates.