School district takes one more step toward a new high school

Dickinson Public Schools is one step closer to building a new high school and alleviating overcrowding in the district.

More than 100 people attended a public forum on Wednesday night at the Dickinson High School auditorium to discuss options for a new high school that can hold 1,600 students.

Dr. Shon Hocker, superintendent for Dickinson Public Schools, said the current  high school, which is almost 60 years old, was designed for 1,000 students, and the facility has more than that right now.

At the public forum attendees were presented with two options.

One option was to build an entirely new school priced at $115 million, but many in attendance leaned towards option two, which was $108 million.

In the second option part of the old school would remain and a new addition would be built around it.

The existing structures that would remain are the school gymnasium, and the 1997 addition of the school that is has seven rooms, five of which are classrooms. 

“In this option two we would get to keep the existing gym and the 1997 addition. It saves us about $8 million in expenses. To me, it added up to a very easy decision,” said Dr.Hocker.

The school district would like to put a bond referendum up for a vote sometime in May, with the goal of having the project completed by the Fall of 2021.

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