School kids learn winter survival skills

On Thursday, some students got a lesson in winter survival, as this recent stretch of freezing temps has created havoc for many North Dakota residents.

Dunn County’s emergency manager spent the day teaching middle school kids what they need in a Winter Survival kit.

The emergency manager said it’s important for young kids to know, because they could be home alone when the power goes out, or they could be stuck in a car that breaks down during a blizzard.

One thing that stood out to these kids was a simple bandana has 60 uses in an emergency, like signaling for help.

The other was a magic marker can be useful in any emergency

“Perhaps there is a tornado heading for your house. . . write your name on your arm . . .maybe your diabetic. You never know what is going to happen in that tornado. . . if you are injured and unconscious when the ambulance arrives,” said Denise Brew, emergency manager.

Brew said she generally teaches two classes a year for each school in the Dunn County area.
One for winter safety, and the other for Summer safety tips.


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