Scoopers keep the parade route clean


The State Fair parade had over two hundred entries this year. Broadway and Burdick were packed with vehicles, big and small, roller skaters, walkers, and even some horses. But with live animals involved, there is also some cleanup. Here are some of the volunteers keeping the streets clean.

The Brossarts are taking their daily chore from the farm to the streets.

“I do it on my farm, like, clean up after the horses there, but -for the fair- this is my first time,” says Karsen Brossart, Scooper.

It takes a strong stomach…

“Just scoop. And try not to think about it too much if you had a big breakfast,” says Karsen.

…and a little technique.

“I just try to get under it as good as I can and scoop up fast, and if I can’t get everything, I call my friends over,” says Kiera Brossart, Scooper.

The pair volunteered for the job on behalf of their 4H group.

“If no one else wants to do it, then who’s going to cleanup the poop afterwards? Like, all of the other people will not get to enjoy the fair, so I wanted to help and then they can enjoy themselves too,” says Kiera.

They were prepared for any outcome.

“A lot of these people said they fed their horses a lot this morning to entertain the crowd so we might be stopping often,” says Karsen.

And the crowd definitely noticed,

“It’s okay, they’re just animals, they don’t know,” says child watching the parade.

Following the horses may not be the best-smelling job out there, but Karsen and Kiera both agree that it still has its perks.

“It’s really exciting because I’ve never really been through a big parade, I’ve only been in through, like, a small parade,” says Kiera.

“And you get a free pass into the fair,” says Karsen.

Their efforts haven’t gone unappreciated.

“I think they’re great, cleaning up the roads like it was never there. I don’t want to drive over poop,” says Amanda Vera, Parade Watcher.

Returning the two-mile stretch back to normal.

The Brossarts added that, depending on how this year went, they might volunteer again next year.

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