Second Person Pronounced Dead following Sioux Falls plane crash


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A plane crash in Sioux Falls is now being blamed for two deaths.

Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus confirmed a second person died at the scene of the crash. Both of the people who died were in the plane when it crashed and police say that they think those were the only two people in the plane.

They say that no one on the ground was hurt.

The NTSB has taken over the investigation but officers are still watching the area where the crash was because there’s such a large debris field.

Police say the wreckage is spread over several blocks and they have an important message if you happen to come across any pieces of the plane.

“If you find any type of mechanical wreckage or biological debris, please call 911 and have the officers come out. We’ll take care of it. Please try not to touch it if you can. If you find it, give us a call, and we’ll come and help you out,” McManus said.

Authorities have not identified the two people who were found dead. Police say the NTSB is contracting a company to come out to remove the wreckage.

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