The Seeds of Hope Thrift Store in Bismarck was founded in 1995 by the Abused Adult Resource Center. After 30 years, the little shop has extended to provide more than 25% of the resource center’s total revenue.

The group provides services for adult survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as their families, with emergency shelter and crisis intervention programs in place. The organization also provides food, clothing and counseling to the families of survivors, and aids the individuals themselves with finding new employment, on-site training, and returning to school. The AARC also helps those affected by abuse furnish their new homes with essentials, like furniture and bedding.

The main issue with donating to Seeds of Hope, according to the organization in a press release, is that the loading dock fills up rather quickly, leading the store to be unable to accept more donations. In order to remedy this, a detailed plan to renovate the thrift shop has been constructed — which includes a brand-new and much larger loading dock.

Other new features being developed for Seeds of Hope include new offices and safer working areas for employees. The AARC is hoping the new renovations will help them expand their support systems to more survivors across North Dakota.

The AARC and Seeds of Hope are asking businesses, foundations, and citizens to support the renovation project with donations of any amount. These donations will go to more than the thrift store: they’ll help give the AARC a much-needed revenue boost to help spread their helping hands across the state.

To donate or find out more about Seeds of Hope, its mission and the new renovation project, visit the AARC’s website.