Seizures Of Meth Up Nearly 2000% In 2018


Bismarck – The amount of meth seized in North Dakota is up 2-thousand percent.

DEA officials say for the 2018 fiscal year, which concluded on September 30th, Officers seized nearly 62 pounds of Meth across the state.

That’s nearly a two thousand percent increase over 2017, where just three pounds of Meth was seized.
We talked with the Attorney Generals office, and they tell KX News, not only is meth readily available, it’s also some of the purest they’ve ever seen.

“We’re seeing the meth that’s coming into North Dakota, is 98, 99 percent pure, that is an astonishing level of purity, and then part of what’s driving this is the dramatic decrease in the price, the price has been cut by two thirds or more, and so that’s part of the reason we’re seeing it on the streets”. Said North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenejhem.

Stenejhem adds they also seized a greater number of weapons as drug traffickers are becoming more heavily armed.

The most meth seizures took place in Burleigh, Williams, and Cass Counties.

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