Self Defense Training Could Decrease Your Risk of Attack

Callie Anderson

“Recently, we were at a party and things got out of hand. Luckily there were some other people around that could dissolve it,” says Callie Anderson. 

But Anderson began to think what if those people weren’t around?

And that thought led her to a women’s self defense class where she’s learning to defend herself if a similar situation arises.

“There are sorts of all different things you can look for when you’re looking to defend yourself,” says Power Within Karate head instructor, Ryan Engberg. 

Martial arts instructor Engberg teaches students things like how to free themselves from someone’s grip and how to disable an attacker long enough to run away.

“I teach proper techniques on how to strike, how to punch, block, elbow strikes, knees,” says Engberg. 

In addition to self defense tactics, Engberg also teaches his students situational awareness-like walking in well-lit areas and using everyday items like keys as a defense mechanism.

“As opposed to “I can beat the crap out of this guy. It’s just knowing to be aware of the situation before it even happens,” says Engberg. 

The Williston Police Department also advises individuals to remain alert. Eliminate distractions like texting and draw attention to yourself by yelling for help if you do come under attack. 

And while self-defense tactics do not necessarily eliminate risk or guarantee safety, they can increase the likelihood of escaping an assault

Studies have shown that women with self-defense training are better able to fend off attackers and less likely to be attacked at all. 

“Even though its not fighting, it feels powerful knowing I know how to handle a situation,” says Anderson. 

And while Anderson isn’t looking for an opportunity to show off her newfound skills, she has them in her arsenal if she ever has the need to defend herself. 

The Williston Police Department advises that if you are going to carry a weapon to defend yourself, you should be adequately trained in how to use it to decrease the likelhood of it being used against you. 

Accordng to the National Institute of Justice, law enforcement authorities also caution against automatically using violence against an attacker. But instead, urge you to assess the individual situation to determine what response would be best. 

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