On the Senate floor today, North Dakota Senator John Hoeven spoke regarding the recent struggle to secure the southern border of the United States. In April alone, more than 234,000 illegally crossed the board into the United States.

“This unprecedented and growing crisis at the southern border is due to the Biden administration’s misguided immigration policies,” said Hoeven during his speech on the Senate floor. “This includes the lack of enforcement of key tools, including the Remain in Mexico Policy, Third Safe Country Agreements, and the Title 42 Public Health Order.”

“I was recently in Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas to draw attention to the challenges at the border and to meet with North Dakota Army National Guard soldiers,” he continued. “Our Guard members are providing support to Customs and Border Protection (CPB) in light of the immigration crisis. Our dedicated CBP officers and agents are working tirelessly to try to fulfill their mission of securing the border, with the added pressure and stress of addressing the humanitarian crisis.”

It wasn’t just the southern border that Hoeven had concerns about, however.

“At the same time,” Hoeven explained, “the ongoing crisis at the southern border is creating significant challenges for northern border operations and the security of our northern border. Northern border personnel and resources continue to be depleted because of the surge at the southern border. This is unacceptable. We need to address the ongoing crisis at the southern border and ensure that we have the resources we need at both our borders.”

A full transcript of Hoeven’s speech is available on YouTube.