A Republican candidate running in the upcoming primary for State Senate in District 35 is coming under scrutiny.

Bismarck resident Ryan Eckroth is facing a federal IRS tax lien, and a court-ordered judgment against him for a debt he owes to a local credit union.

KX News has obtained these documents showing that the Internal Revenue Service and the First Community Credit Union have both pursued legal claims against Eckroth for non-payment of federal taxes and for a personal debt he owes to the credit union.

The public records indicate that the IRS unpaid balance is $11,794, and The First Community Credit Union debt is $6,015.01.

These new revelations come on top of recent news reports that Eckroth’s insurance sales license was revoked following a cease-and-desist order from North Dakota’s insurance commissioner.

Eckroth allegedly signed up customers for policies they didn’t want and then took commissions for the fraudulent sales of those policies. Eckroth agreed to surrender his license but admitted to no wrongdoing in that case.

In his January 10th press release announcing his candidacy, Eckroth wrote: “Whether discussing education, health, or public safety, everything ultimately comes down to finance.” Proper allocation of state funds is necessary in order to continue to strengthen these systems, and I will see that these views are acknowledged.”

When KX News called Mr. Eckroth to ask why he has not paid these debts as he seeks to represent the people of District 35, Eckroth responded by saying, quote: “First of all, you have the wrong year. I would love to sit down, but this isn’t the time at the moment, I’m in the middle of doing something, if you can call me later, I’m right in the middle of doing signs.” end quote.

Mr. Eckroth told me to call him back at around 2 p.m. Wednesday, but he did not answer and has yet to call back.