Senate Votes in Favor of Stricter At-Home Daycare Laws

In the past few weeks, we’ve reported a case of child abuse at an in-home daycare. And 2 years ago, we shared a women’s story of how the law couldn’t help her in a similar situation. As Malique Rankin reports, that woman took her concerns to the state capitol.

Jenny Erickson is the reason Senate Bill 2281 exists. 2 years ago, she picked up her then-3-year-old from daycare, only to find marks and welts on his backside. She filed a police report against the caretaker.

Jenny Erickson; Mom: “Nothing was done, they couldn’t do anything.”

Current law says unlicensed child care providers can use reasonable force, whether it’s necessary or not, as long as it doesn’t create a substantial risk of death or bodily injury.

Jenny Erickson; Mom: “But when it comes to spanking, laying your hands on a child, I just don’t think it should be up to someone else’s discretion to use that.”

2281 would require unlicensed paid caregivers to have in writing what each parent considers as “reasonable force” and abide by that definition.

Jenny Erickson; Mom: “These things are happening and there’s really nothing in place protecting our children.”

Erickson hopes this bill would be a small step to keeping her little ones safe. If passed, these changes would only apply to at-home daycares. The Senate voted in favor of this bill today. It passed and will be crossed over to the house in a few weeks.

Daycare facilities answer to their own laws already in place and are separate from unlicensed in-home daycares. 

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