Senator Hails New Firing Range at MAFB

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A 27-million dollar firing range will soon be under construction at Minot Air Force Base.
Money for the indoor training facility was included in the new federal budget and today, 

Senator John Hoeven took time out to tour the old firing range at the base.
He learned that some 14-hundred Security Forces at the base must use the range for training on all their weapons – and the indoor-outdoor arrangement can be a problem in nasty weather.

“We walk out in the snow and rain. If it’s four feet deep, you dig a path to your target.”
“We do our best to shovel our as much as we can but there are times when we have snow and ice you just have to take a little bit longer.”

The senator got a chance to fire a military rifle and pistol – and showed off his marksmanship.
He hit nine of ten shots inside the target with the rifle and did about as well with the handgun.
Afterwards, he signed a special message to the Security Forces and presented the target to the men who are in charge of security at the base.

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