Several North Dakota Bridges in Need of Repair According to TRIP

A new report shows many of North Dakota’s bridges aren’t up to standard. 

Eleven percent of the state’s rural bridges are rated as poor or structurally deficient according to the national non-profit TRIP. 

They found that many of these bridges are deteriorating and often have postings requiring lower weights to cross. 

The report also found 19 percent of the state’s rural roads are in the same poor condition. 

And that the rate of traffic fatalities on our non-interstate and rural roads are almost 4.5 percent higher than the fatality rate on all other roads in the state. 

The head of the state Chamber of Commerce says this report shows a need for more investment in the state’s transportation system. 

Especially rural roads and bridges that provide a vital link for the state’s agricultural and energy-based economies. 

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