Severe Weather And The Emotions It Stirs

Severe weather is a trigger for many of us. When we hear severe storms are on the way, it evokes many emotions and sometimes the fear can be crippling. So we decided to talk to an expert on why we’re much more affected emotionally by summer severe weather rather than winter storms.  

Dr. Kristi Bitz is the Director of Psychology and Associate Professor at the University of Mary, 
“we might be a little more use to some of the weather types of occurrences like snow and blizzards than we are tornadoes. And we don’t typically hear about a blizzard, for example, having the same kind of destruction that a tornado might have and so I think the threat is kind of higher for some of those types of weather emergencies and I think that contributes to some people’s fear.”

Heightened emotions are extremely normal whether it’s fear or excitement for thunderstorms. Dr. Bitz explains that our excitement comes from that thrill-seeker side many of us have. 

The fear comes from wanting to protect what you love. It’s instinctual. We know storms have taken lives and homes and we want to protect our piece of the world. But sometimes that fear can impact our lives. 

So here are a few tips to keep your head level during this summer severe weather season. 

Make a plan now. Prepare for the worst so you’ll feel ready. This is a great family activity.  Have at least three ways at all times to get severe storm information. Whether it’s your phone, tv or weather radio. 

Stay informed. Watch the radar and know exactly where the storms are for your own personal comfort. We’ll also walk you through the storms as well. 

Our motto here at KX News is “keeping you ahead of the storm” and we certainly intend to do that all summer long. 

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