Sewing Needle Found in Dog Toy


Over the holidays, Americans spent between $70 and $200 on their pets.

From doggie bones to chew toys to clothing, it’s big business for retailers.

But one Sioux Falls family got more than they bargained for with a Christmas pet toy.

The dog toy in question was festive and on sale– just $1.97 at PetSmart.

But Allie DeJong and her family say this particular toy was no bargain.

Rudy the Yorkshire Terrier may be little, but he holds a big place in Allie DeJong’s heart.

“We always get our dogs toys and treats for Christmas and they have their own little stockings and presents to open,” Allie DeJong said.

Allie bought a number of toys and other items for Rudy for Christmas, including this stuffed snowman.

“(Rudy) Started playing with it by himself and sat on the couch with it and tried squeaking it. But he’s pretty small and had a hard time doing that, thankfully,” Allie DeJong said.

A little while later, Allie’s mom Lynette began picking up the post-present mess.

“So I bent down to pick it up and like I always do with toys with the dogs, I started squeezing it to make the noise and the dogs always come and want you to throw it and I was about to throw it and then I got poked. And there’s this needle sticking out. And i just looked up and I was shocked and I said, ‘Allie what is this?'” Lynette DeJong said.

It was a sewing needle.

“I was completely shocked. I never would have expected to find anything like that in a toy at all,’ Allie said.

Allie alerted PetSmart where she had purchased the toy.

“So they told me to call their corporate office and I spoke with somebody who initially didn’t think it was a big deal. I don’t know if they thought I was joking that I found a needle in there and they said you can return it and get your money back,” Allie said.

Later she says the company did call her back to apologize for the incident.

The DeJongs carefully checked the other dog toys from PetSmart for anything sharp inside.

“If you have a pet you know how important your pets are to you and you don’t want anything to happen to them,” Allie said.

They’re worried this may not be an isolated incident and are urging everyone to use caution before giving their dog a toy.

“Like I’ve done in the past–I get them home; I snip off the tag and throw it on the floor for them to play with. I’m going to start squeezing them and feeling it and making sure from now on every time we buy a toy like that, there’s nothing wrong with it,” Lynnette said.

PetSmart’s Statement to KELOLAND Investigates:

“PetSmart is committed to providing safe, high-quality products, and we are working with the manufacturer to look into this matter immediately. We are not aware of any similar complaints related to this dog toy and have no current plans to remove it from our shelves. We will remain in close contact with the pet parent”

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