Sharing the blessings

From building furniture to re-building lives, this couple is in the business of helping the broken. 

The Blooms are a family that have opened up their home to helping people who struggle with addiction and homelessness.  

I spoke with them today to find out what that process looks like. 

Shane and Krystal Bloom lead busy lives….chaotic in fact…they have six kids and a woodworking and construction business.

But recently they decided they wanted to expand….and have gotten into the business of helping others.

“Probably the last 6 to 8 or 9 months we’ve been pouring our lives out in ministry. Whether it be helping financially with people or it just be coming alongside people in their lives,” said Shane Bloom/Owner of Blessed Builders. 

Blessed Builders has become so much more than when it started — The husband and wife team have taken several people into their home that were either homeless, struggling financially or with addiction.

“That opened my eyes to where now I don’t focus just on myself and my little problems, which don’t seem so little but they are.. and opened you know to other people and help others,” said David Mitchell/Lives at Blessed Builders. 

Mitchell has been with the Blooms 3 weeks and says it’s been life-changing.

“We’ve been homeless ourselves. My husband is from a background of addiction and just craziness. So we have realized that people are broken out there. People are struggling. People are lost. They’re stuck in addiction or are disabled and they don’t know the process of how to get help,” said Krystal Bloom/Owner of Blessed Builders. 

Blessed Builders has grown to the point where it needs community support.

“We have our business that supports us and we’re trying to support other families to help them with bills and just get on their feet. So a lot of food costs and the water bills go up and the electric bill goes up.”

So far they’ve received monetary donations and were given 80 pounds of beef. 

They are grateful — and so are those who now call Blessed Builders home..

 For information on how to support Blessed Builders, head to their Facebook page here. 

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