After a busy day, sometimes spending an hour cooking dinner is the last thing you want to do – but eating healthy can be simplified.

Food is fuel, but it can be hard finding the time to make the right kind for your body.

“The mornings are what I struggle with the most, is just running out the door and typically I just won’t eat anything in the mornings. So having something I can quickly throw together and just go will be perfect for us,” says Abbie Hardel, Stroller Strong Mom.

According to U.S. News, 80% of people give up on their new year’s resolution by the second week in February. But sometimes those goals aren’t sustainable and require too much time or have too many restrictions.

“Healthy eating needs to be a priority for our families and sometimes we get overwhelmed by things like that, so we just want to make it quick, easy, and out the door where you don’t really have to spend a whole day in the kitchen,” says Betsy Ramirez, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
Meal prepping is one way busy people can stick to their healthy eating goals.

“We’re going to do a soup, we’re going to do a fresh olive salad, we’re going to do some foil pack meals which is a really hot thing, this year.”

Instead of only making enough for one serving, with meal prepping, everything is made in bulk and stored away for the upcoming week to save time later.

 “Healthy eating, I think, we make a little bit too complicated and it really isn’t. It’s just simple ingredients that you can do in very few minutes,” says Ramirez.

When it comes to dieting, she doesn’t recommend cutting out any one food group, unless you have a food allergy or sensitivity: it’s everything in moderation.

“We aren’t perfect. We eat things that aren’t necessarily considered healthy, and that’s okay as long as we balance them out with these better, healthier choices,” says Hardel.

Making eating healthy easier and more sustainable.

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