Shaun Sipma says he will run again for mayor of Minot and, if elected, it will be his last term in office.

Sipma made the announcement Tuesday.

“It has been my honor to serve as the Mayor of Minot these past four years,” he said in a statement. “In that time our community has made great strides forward that has improved quality of life, business climate, investment in capital infrastructure, progress on flood control and responsibly navigating through an ongoing pandemic.”

Sipma’s goals for the next four years if re-elected:

  • Reduce the number of Mouse River Enhanced Flood Control Project construction projects
  • Finalize participation and management details in the Northwest Area Water Supply Project to bring Missouri River water to North Central North Dakota for a consistent, reliable source of drinking water.
  • Finish the last of the $74 million National Disaster Resiliency HUD grant projects by the September 30, 2023 deadline
  • Further strengthen the relationship between Minot and Minot Air Force Base as well as securing
    economic development opportunities with the Department of Defense
  • Further the relationship with community partners to collectively improve the quality of life and
    resiliency of the Magic City

“There is a tremendous amount of optimism and growth taking place right now in the Magic City,” Sipma said. “We have become a much more business friendly community in the past three years thanks to the overhaul of the City’s previous Planning and Zoning ordinances, strengthening the collaboration with our community partners, and investments in our infrastructure that are paying dividends.”

Sipma also said if he is re-elected, it would be his final stint as Minot’s mayor.

“The part-time elected leadership position is especially demanding,” he explained. “One final four year term would be enough to meet numerous important milestones for our community and do so with the energy and fervor that is necessary for the position.”

Sipma has served as Minot mayor since June 26, 2018. Before that, he was a city alderman at large from 2017 to 2018, and as Ward 5 alderman from 2016-2017.

He works full time as an Insurance Agent for North Dakota Farmers Union Insurance and serves as the Secretary of the Board for Farm Rescue as well as the Vice-President of the Board for the Farm Rescue Foundation.