Sisters pray for more rain to quench North Dakota’s ongoing drought


The Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery hold a special prayer service every Friday asking God to open the heavens and send N.D. more rain.

The Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery located on the grounds of University of Mary are interested in all events impacting the world, and the ongoing severe drought in North Dakota is one of them.

The Sisters of Annunciation Monastery are holding a special prayer service every Friday asking God to open the heavens and send North Dakota more rain.

“Send rain on this dry and thirsty land. You alone are good and You alone richly provide for all the needs and necessities of life,” read Sister Stephanie Dolyniuk

They are praying for the economic, human, and environmental toll taken from the severe drought.

“It is not only the plants that are wilting but even animals and peoples in this place are parched and dry. Some livestock will die. Herds will be sold because of no feed. Crops will wither, farmers will be lost, no money to buy this year’s seed,” read Sister Susan Lardy.

Despite the losses North Dakota has seen, the sister’s faith is rooted in the voice of hope.

“Our hope is that the rains will come, spiritual rains that wash despair from our thirsting spirits and physical rain to nourish the land,” read Sister JoAnn Krebsbach

North Dakota is getting severe weather this week which is bringing rain, but the sisters are praying to be blessed with more rain.

“Break open the water sprouts on high and send forth the blessing on our lands, on our crops and in our reservoirs. May every country and all peoples on earth who suffer from drought be drenched in rain until the land is quenched and the ditches overflow,” read Prioress of Annunciation Monastery Sister Nicole Kunze.

Sister Nancy Gunderson uses mixed media art as an additional voice for prayer. She has quilted a piece called “Lamentation: A Loan Meadow Lark Remembers” to raise awareness of climate change.

Sister Nancy read the poem that goes along with the quilt.

“The meadowlark remembers when the sky was blue and it joyfully sang in the warmth of the morning sun.
The meadowlark remembers when the prairie now parched and cracked by drought was green and insects buzzed in the grass and pheasants hid in its waving lusciousness.
The meadowlark remembers when the ribboned algae stream once bubbled and gurgled and challenged the contained boundaries.
The meadowlark remembers when the browning pines at the foothills boasted of green and their needles emanated a pleasing fragrance.
The meadowlark remembers when it wasn’t the loan bird to carry the story.
The meadowlark remembers when its song was not a lament in the scorching sun.
The meadowlark remembers.”

Sister Nancy Gunderson is submitting the piece to the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition in September. The organization holds a traveling art show that uses art to discuss pressing social issues.

Sister Nancy says her art is meant to shock people into thinking about the ecological impacts seen here in North Dakota.

Follow this link to learn more about Sister Nancy Gunderson.

Follow this link to learn more about Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery.

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