Slow Down, Move Over

Flashing lights on the side of the road,  whether they are red, blue and white, yellow, orange, they mean something. 

“People have a habit of not respecting the space that we’re required to have when we’re working,” said NoDak Towing and Recovery owner Gary Lawrence. 

Lawrence is the owner of NoDak Towing and Recovery he says towing vehicles especially on highways, outside city limits is dangerous.

“The most terrifying sound that I’ve heard standing on the side of the road is sliding tires and not being able to see where they’re coming from,” said Lawrence. 

Lawrence has had a life threatening encounter simply because a vehicle didn’t slow down when he was towing someone.

“I crawled out from underneath of a car and when I stood up I was on the traffic side of the lane and I had a small car come by at 50 to 55 MPH and just got close enough to graze me with their mirror,” said Lawrence. 

He says had that car been just 2 inches closer, things could’ve been a lot worse. 

“The more people know about it the better it works out for everyone, it’s not just for our safety it’s for every ones safety as well,” said Lawrence. 

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “So if you see flashing lights like these remember slow down and move over the best that you can”. 

and if you don’t….

“The citation for that is 50 dollars and a two point assessment against their drivers license,” said North Dakota Highway Patrol sergeant Kevin Huston. 

Sergeant Huston has had the same encounters with drivers not slowing down…

“If we’re on a traffic stop or even on a traffic crash people tend not to slow down,” said sergeant Huston.

but slowing down and moving over is something so simple that we can all do.

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