Small Business Saturday: Michele F

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The biggest shopping weekend of the year is almost here.

Department stores are getting ready for Black Friday – but Small Business Saturday has many shops in the region gearing up for an increase in traffic.

Tim Olson takes us to one of those small businesses in downtown Minot.

(Tim Olson, KX News) Michele Feist is doing what she loves…

(Michele Feist, Owner, Michele F) “I had no idea that I could do something like this.”

(Olson) …With the people she loves.

(Feist) “Everybody always asks us if we get along – and we really do.”

(Olson) Michele owns and operates Michele F, a jewelry and clothing boutique in downtown Minot. She hand-makes all the jewelry in the store, with help from her daughters: Danielle…

(Feist) “Our inventory person, and our creator. She stages the store, she makes sure the inventory is coming in.”

(Olson) …And Kaitlin.

(Feist) “My youngest daughter. She does our Instagram, Facebook, our website.”

(Olson) The trio set up shop downtown in 2013 – and Feist says downtown Minot is more welcoming than ever.

(Feist) “I feel really safe going and parking in the parking garages. It gives us so much more space rather than just fighting for the spaces on the street.”

(Olson) Those extra parking spaces will be pretty useful in the coming days and weeks.

(Feist) “The lighting of the Christmas tree really kicks everything off… and from then on, I think everybody’s really in shopping mode.”

(Olson) As her fourth holiday shopping season in Minot begins, Feist says she’s just glad to share her passion with others.

(Feist) “It was simply picking up a little jewelry kit and making something and realizing that I really enjoyed it, it was relaxing. Something that I loved just grew into something that I could do for others.”

(Olson) In Minot, Tim Olson, KX News.

Downtown Minot will hold its Christmas tree lighting ceremony at 6 o’clock on Friday evening.

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