Small Town Is Facing A Daycare Shortage

Finding a daycare to leave your child at is becoming a bigger struggle for families.

In Velva, there is no community daycare facility and all the private in home Daycare’s are at capacity.

Allison Gutknecht has a daycare out of her home. She has 15 kids that she takes care of ranging from infants to ten year olds.

“I am at full capacity,” said Allison Gutknecht, Daycare Provider.

Gutknecht says that she sees the need for more Daycare’s because at least once every 2 weeks she’s getting a phone call about another family needing a place for their kids.

“It is very hard to say no. You want to help everybody if you could but unfortunately you can’t,” said Gutknecht.

For parent, Lance Selzler, he found a daycare for his child but he had to lock in his spot six months in advance.

“It was just a situation of being at the right place at the right time,” said Lance Selzler, Parent and School Board Member.

The City of Velva recognizes the problem. So, they did a survey to see just how many families were struggling with this..

“It was an overwhelming response,” said Kristie Hoff, Velva Association of Commerce Chairman.

Hoff says that it’s been a struggle to bring in new, young families to the community because there’s little to no options for daycare.

“It’s definitely something that they look at,” said Hoff.

Even the school has struggled to keep teachers for the same reason.

“We’ve lost teachers for a specific reason because of the lack of daycare in Velva,” said Selzler.

The Chamber of Commerce has established that the city needs a community daycare facility. Now, they are working out the details to make it happen.

“There is a need almost daily that you become aware of,” said Selzler.

One of the main focuses for the city is finding a location to put the daycare facility.

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