Small towns need small businesses

“Hi, how are you?” says a Cashier.

There are no door busters, no fighting for the last item — for many small towns, it’s just a regular shopping day.

“When you go to Walmart or to Target or some place. It’s crowded. And people are just more friendly, here.” says Connie Unterseher, Small Business Shopper.

On Black Friday, it was all about getting the best deal, the biggest savings. On Small Business Saturday, it’s more about supporting your local community, than a big deal.

“I can buy the same stuff, here, as I get up there. I may pay a little bit more, but I don’t care.” says Phil Overvolb, Small Business Shopper.

Without the small businesses, residents in towns like Sawyer would have to travel miles to the closest city just to get basic necessities like groceries. In winter, that can be almost impossible.

“When you live in a small community, I think you really appreciate the businesses that you have.” says Valerie Heisler, Small Business Shopper.

Businesses operated by people you know.

“We really like to support our small businesses in Velva. The community is an amazing community and part of the reason is because we have amazing businesses here that thrive and help out other areas.” says Heather Sevland, Small Business Shopper.

There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.

“It does bring in people. Yeah, different people that you don’t see. And then they do come back, eventually, and (laughs) then they get to be a regular of yours. It’s nice to meet new people.” says Sara Schlosser, Owner of ‘Sara’s Place’.

Community members working together to keep the town alive.

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