Smoke Fills The North Dakota Sky

Screen shot 2018-08-16 at 4.09.04 PM_1534462189018.jpg.jpg

When you walk outside today, you’ll notice the sky is a little smoky in some areas.

It’s due to wildfires that have been affecting the western part of the US and Canada.

When the winds pick up that smoke travels and can make it all the way to our state.

Today, more smoke could be affecting the north and our chief meteorologist says that it’s coming from the upper atmosphere.

That means by the time it hits the ground the smoke isn’t as thick.

“I can go to a government website and you can see right here in North Dakota that’s where the thickest smoke is. The other thing is a visible satellite that only works during the daylight hours. Now this is cloud cover that you see right here but all this other gray that’s smoke,” said Tom Schrader, Chief Meteorologist.

When the smoke does make it here it can create cause for concern with visibility and bad air quality.

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