Smoky conditions may impact your health

air quality_1534733026955.png.jpg

For just about all of North Dakota, we have another very smoky couple of days.

If you take a look at the map above, the green areas indicate “good” air quality. Yellow is moderate, and orange and red are unhealthy air quality.

For those already noticing the symptoms of the smoky air doctors says to limit your time outdoors and even buy a mask if the avoiding going outside is difficult. If you’re having difficulty breathing, pay your doctor a visit. The smoke is coming from the west coast fires and residents are taking notice.

“The quality of the air is so important and I really noticed it this last two weeks, especially this week I think it was really bad,” says Judy Schaefer, Minot Resident.

The North Dakota Department of Health is urging residents, especially those with respiratory conditions, to consider outdoor activities while smoky conditions remain across North Dakota.

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