Snow and cold not odd for April

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(WDAY)—There is a silver lining to this weather.

Spring showers are turning into spring snowfall, complete with wintery temperatures, and some are getting sick of trudging through fresh inches.

Despite the springtime blues, environmentalists say the snow and cold are a good thing this time of year.

“40 below keeps the riff-raff out and this is true of agricultural pests, invasive species, good cold winters can fix a lot of things, or at least control them,” said Dr. Pal Sando, Associate Professor at MSUM.

But it goes deeper than the insects and weeds.

“The very soil our agricultural system uses relies on a soil formation process that stops during the winter – one of the things that means is the soil doesn’t lose all of that wonderful high-organic content,” said Dr. Sando.

While this spring season may be a bit heavy with snow, it’s actually not far off from previous years.

Environmentalists say the past three years have been “open winters”, cold, but with little snow.

We’ve only just hit the mark for the average.

“Our average snow depth is 7 inches by this time and we’ve only now just reached that,” said Sando.

A reminder that the snow may not be wanted, but is needed before we get into the summer.

The cold weather is expected to continue for another two weeks.

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