Snowy April keeps Huff Hills Ski Area open for business

We know many of you think winter has over-stayed its welcome. But there is one up-side to the snowy conditions. Huff Hills Ski Area is still open for business.

Looking outside, it probably doesn’t seem like the middle of April. However this is a dream for the skiiers and snowboarders in the area.

“It’s kind of a novelty to be able to ski and ride in April,” said Andy Beck, the montain operations manager for Huff Hills. 

This is the latest the ski area has ever been open in its 25 years of existence. Normally, they close up shop in the 3rd week in March.

Beck said, “We’re very surprised. You know, we make snow at the beginning of the season, and you try to set yourself up for a spring like this. So, it’s cool when the weather works out and we’re able to keep rolling to give people a chance to play.”

The beginning of the season started out rocky for Huff. They had to cancel a few days due to frigid temperatures, and the season didn’t even start until Christmas weekend. 

Beck: “Once we open that late, you don’t really know how the season’s going to turn out until it’s done. Some of those winters we open late and it ends up being a warm winter all the way through and you have a shorter spring season. But then sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised and yon can run it out and make up for those weekends into April,” said Beck.

He says this weekend is in-fact the closing weekend. So, head over there Saturday and Sunday to get your last-minute fix.

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