Solar Eclipse Preparedness


Everyone is gearing up for the great solar eclipse. 

The public has to make sure to wear protective gear, we have reporter Nathalie Gomez giving some tips on how to stay safe

The Great American eclipse is set to happen on Monday August 21st. 

“Well because it’s such a rare event people in their life time this might be the only time they see it,” said Dani Shaffer professor of science at Minot State University. 

According to Dr, Shaffer it’s been over 500 years since the last great solar eclipse. 

“It’s cause the earth is mostly covered with water a lot of times these things happen out in the middle of the ocean,” Shaffer said.

North Dakota will not be in the path of totality, meaning we will only see a partial eclipse 

“the sun is going to be eclipsed about 80% here, which is quite a lot but that 20% left over could still damage your eyes,” Shaffer said.

For anyone who plans to see the eclipse, you must make sure to protect your eyes. 

“any amount of the sun showing is dangerous to peoples eyes,” Shaffer said.

there are a number of ways to make protective gear right at home 

“Here in the newsroom I was able to collect some items that could easily be found at home, what you’ll need is two manila folders, aluminum foil, tape scissors, and a pen. 

To assemble your at home protective gear you’ll start off with the manila folder, cut a portion on it through the middle, open it up insert the aluminum foil, grab the tape, and tape it in. 

After you’ve taped in the aluminum foil you’ll grab your pen and puncture a hole in the middle. 

When it’s time to watch the eclipse you take the second manila folder raise the one with the aluminum foil against the sun and project the eclipse off the manila folder.”

“This also will be the largest citizens science event we’ve ever held in the US, that means that people will be able to participate in science and this is a great thing,” said Shaffer.

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