Some already seeing property damage from the rising river levels

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While the USGS says flooding isn’t a major concern right now, some residents along the river are already seeing the damage from high water. 

Fast currents and wake from boats have eroded riverbanks all along the edges. Tearing out grass, and even overtaking some trees. We spoke to man who lives in south port, and the damage to his property grows every day.

“In our case, on the north end of our property over the last 4 days, we’ve lost probably 50 to 60 feet of what was once established riverbank. And it probably has cut back about 7 to 8 feet. We tried to remediate that and replace that over the last 3 days, and we’re trying to get it back to close to what it was before with rock,” said homeowner Rick Detwiller.

Detwiller is concerned with heavy river traffic this McQuades weekend and leading up to the 4th of July. He asks boaters to try to stay at least 100 feet away from the banks to minimize damage.

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