Some Dentists To Soon Perform Blood Pressure Screenings

Bismarck – Your next trip to the Dentist, could include something unrelated to your teeth.

A check of your blood pressure.

North Dakota is among just five other states across the country awarded a grant from the Centers for Disease Control to improve Medical-Dental integration.

Dental offices who volunteer will be able to conduct blood pressure checks of patients that are willing.

If blood pressure is found to be an issue, they are referred to a medical doctor for further evaluation.

In Bismarck, Bridging The Dental Gap, which helps low income and those on Medicaid with dental care is one of three offices in the state currently offering the service.

“It’s simple, painless, easy, quick, and wouldn’t you want to know if you had a blood pressure issue that could be causing other problems within your body, I think it’s just a really smart thing to be doing for our paitents” Said Sarah Mertz D.D.S.

The health department says they hope to have 24 dental offices across North Dakota participating in the project by 2023.

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