Some shoppers have already begun holiday gift search

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, which means the peak holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Here’s a peek into some local consumers’ holiday shopping styles.

Black Friday is known as the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, but at the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase there are already whispers of gift giving.

“As I’m walking through, I’m hearing the conversations of ‘This will be great for this person,’ or ‘This will be great for that person,’ not so much of ‘This is going to look great in my house,'” says Kara Haff, Pride of Dakota Specialist.

According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated 40% of shoppers planned to start looking around for gifts in October or even earlier. The rest plan to start this month or even later.

“I, honestly, don’t start shopping until probably like two weeks before Christmas. I might pick up things here and there, but I do most of my shopping last minute,” says Darci Grosche, Minot Resident.

It’s projected that shoppers will be buying around $600 worth of gifts for friends and family.

“I try to set a budget. I’m not very good at sticking with my budget because I love the holiday and I just love to make people smile and let them know I’m thinking of them, so I tend to go over my budget,” says Heather Deaton, Minot Resident.

Around 23% of consumers say they are planning to make at least some purchases at local and small businesses.

“Try to get something they like. Always shop local whenever possible -you know- we’re firm believers in that,” says Keela Forthun, Minot Resident.

If you’re at a loss for what to get your loved ones, gift cards are the most requested item this year followed close behind by another practical gift of clothing.

“Socks, underwear, clothes. Household items. Gas gift cards, grocery store gift cards, stuff like that,” says Grosche.

Don’t panic yet, there’s still more than a month to narrow down the perfect gift.

The Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase will be in Minot again tomorrow morning beginning at 11 and they’ll be in Bismarck on the 30th.

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