Kyle Erickson grew up in Ruso, North Dakota. He says the population was about six at the time.

After graduating from NDSU with a degree in Emergency Management, he made his way to Minot where he’d help at his family’s hometown ranch.

But, like many, 2020 was an interesting year for him.

“Trying to do comedy in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a pandemic is really on-brand for me,” Erickson said. “So I’ve just kind of been doing it ever since.”

He’s taken the stage eight times or so since last year, including at Good Night Live, a late-night comedy talk show in Minot.

He was born with cerebral palsy and says he uses some of his life experiences and sometimes bad luck to his advantage because it tends to make for some great punch lines.

“This might sound crass,” he said, “but my situation is pretty goofy. I try to get people to laugh with me as much as possible because as soon as they can laugh … not so much at me … but laugh at my bad luck, I’m hoping that they can look at their life and be like wow I can laugh at myself too if he can laugh at his stuff.”

Erickson loves Minot. He loves the people, especially. But if he’s going to pursue the comedy career path that he wants to, he says it’s best to go to the Twin Cities.

“My plan is to go down there and just hit the open mics and make as much noise, so to speak, until people have no choice but to be like, ‘hey who’s that guy?'”

According to Erickson, he likes to do things the hard way but so far, that’s actually working out pretty well.

“Bad stuff happens to me because I don’t really think everything through all the time,” he said with a little laugh. “But that’s okay because now every time something bad happens to me, I can write it down in my phone and I can use it for my stand-up.”

And a good sense of humor isn’t anything new to this 31-year-old.

“I’m always trying to get people to laugh,” said Erickson. “I’ve always been like that. So I guess nothing’s really changed whether I have a microphone in my hand or not.”

Comedy has also opened up an opportunity on the Good Night Live writing team aside from his stand-up.

He’ll take their stage this weekend and is looking forward to the chance to give the audience a good laugh.

He said, “Don’t be afraid to laugh at me, because I laugh at me all the time,” making Kyle Erickson a great choice for Someone You Should Know.

The Good Night Live show is this Saturday night, Oct. 2 at Mouse River Players in downtown Minot.

He also has a show coming up in Bismarck at Pub 21 on October 23.