“I know one thing … I love to be loved,” exclaims Stacy Voegele, owner of The Critter-Sitter, Bismarck.

Not everybody gets to work the job of their dreams, but that is the case for Stacy Voegele, owner of The Critter Sitter in Bismarck.
Stacy gets to play…

(NAT sound, “Bring it to aunty!”)


(NAT kissing sounds)

And love on the animals she holds near and dear to her heart all day, every day.

Stacy originally worked in the restaurant business for 28 years.

Around 2012, she was working part-time with a friend who said pet care was in high demand in the area, so the wheels started turning, and Stacy decided to give it a shot.

“I wasn’t like thinking of it being a career until I took on about six or seven clients and thought this could be something,” Stacy said.

And with a staff of 10 to 15, and hundreds of clients later, Critter-Sitter, Bismarck has far surpassed her expectations.

Stacy explained, “I can drive anywhere from fifty to three-hundred miles in a day. It just depends on how busy we are.”

While Stacy’s typical day includes everything from pet care to taking out the trash and watering the flowers, it’s not just a job for her.

“It’s absolutely more, it’s not a job, it’s part of my life,” Stacy shared. “Now it’s more than a career. It’s you these little dudes, they need you. You know, they’re just like kids, they need to be taken care of. And they love you just like your children do.”

And she’s experienced a lot of different emotions over the years.

“I’ve gone through a lot of things with families, new pets, old pets, losing pets getting new ones, sick pets. Just quirky pets, different types,” said Stacy.

Amidst the play and fun with all of her animal friends, there are sad times for Stacy as well.

(NAT “They’re so good … aren’t you?”)

When the end of life comes for some of her four-legged friends, Stacy is there for the family.

Stacy shared, “I’ve been called several times to come and say goodbye, which has been very tough, but if you have to become stronger for those people. You have to go and be able to comfort them. So yeah.”

And Stacy has her own circle of support, from friends and family to her children, who she hopes will take over the business one day.

One might ask what she does outside of work.
Once again, her work is her passion.

“There’s just no time, there are too many pets,” exclaimed Stacy.

Stacy Voeglele is Someone You Should Know.

The animals Stacy has, and will care for are endless.
She’s cared for cats, dogs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, horses, goats, and more!

If you would be interested in Stacy and her crew caring for your family pet, click here for her information.