Everyone is talking about it — 
South Korea 2018 — and many of you may be hitting the ice to test your abilities on some winter sports.

Karri Springer, skating since 3 years old, says, “The jumps, the spins, the preciseness of it, but also the artistry.”

She’s talking about figure skating — she’s been doing it since she was 3.
She regularly attends noon skate and noticed…

Springer says, “There might be a few more.”

…than a normal day.

Spins are only one trick in figure skating and the South Korea games has an impact here in North Dakota.

Emily Zahn, Bismarck Figure Skating Club, says, “When it’s an Olympic year, we really see a big increase in our numbers of our learn to skate skaters, especially the youngers ones.”

The Bismarck Figure Skating Club says that’s typical when the world compeition is going on. The next class being taught has nearly 200 kids — roughly 30 more than average. 

Eli Pelkz is out on the ice. 
He’s watched some of the games and defintely got a little inspiration.

Eli Pelkz, 4th Grade, says, “Watching some of the tricks that I wanted to try and the other part is I just want to come out here and have fun.”

He wants to try a 180 and says he jumps pretty high… he also adds his siblings need a little practice. 
But it’s all about setting goals. 

Zahn says, “I like watching them get out there, I like watching them set goals for themselves and even if its just skate across the ice without falling then they make it they’re so excited.”

You never know, maybe one of these kids can be the next pro athlete. 

According to Bismarck Parks and Rec– more people also try out curling and hockey this time of year. .