Spa D’Athena Closure for Renovation causes Confusion

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After a social media post left clients confused and angry, Spa D’Athena in Bismarck is now scrambling to explain themselves to their customers.

The spa announced they were closing, with just 2 weeks notice to their employees and clients.
The Friday post has since been deleted, but earlier this afternoon, the business did post to their facebook page trying to clarify things. The comments flooded in from angry customers who had giftcards, and no way of spending them. The Spa D’athena phones were going to voicemail, so KX news went knocking on their door. We spoke to the spa director about how this miscommunication got so far out of hand.

Brent Voorhees; Corporate Operations Director: “Whatever happened on social media- I’m not really sure because I’m not a social media person. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m going to be a new person at that.”

Although the director promised and guaranteed the Spa will reopen in the springtime, clients were not so easily swayed that their hundreds of dollars in giftcards would be redeemable.

Valerie Jundt; Spa D’Athena Client: “I’ve already paid for a good or a service, I’m entitled to the good or a service. And I don’t want product.”

Women at the spa said they were waiting in line for hours just to speak to an employee.

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