Sparking an Outdoor Interest


The game and fish industry is a great career opportunity for women.
That’s the message a local college professor is delivering to local high school girls this week.
Jim Olson takes us to Riverdale where Dakota College at Bottineau’s “Water Camp” was visiting the fish hatchery.

(Tour Guide) “Water is fed in from Lake Sakakawea…”

The girls touring the Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery may just end up with jobs at a place like this.

(Sierra Heinz, Rolette Sophomore) “I think it’d be really neat to try it out.”
(Maddison Peltier, Rolette Junior) “I do really like going outside and exploring different things.”
(Kjersten Sebelius, Rolette Sophomore) “I’m still trying to find what I want to do with my life – what’s my passion – so this could be part of my passion.”

The girls are enrolled in the Water Camp at Dakota College at Bottineau. A three-day excursion into non-traditional careers – like working at a hatchery.

(Amy Koehler, DCB Instructor) “The fisheries and wildlife programs, a lot of our natural resource programs – I notice there’s definitely a lot more men.”

That’s why Amy Koehler used a grant to form this event.

(Amy Koehler, DCB Instructor) “We thought we’d do this camp and show these girls they’re capable of doing the exact things that men are doing and expose them to the different careers and industries that are out there they can join in on.”

They’ve already been knee-deep in a lake, learning about its habitat, and will finish up Thursday building an outdoor aquaponics system. All to see it there’s a spark of interest in doing something a little unusual. And they can do it close to home.

(Amy Koehler, DCB Instructor) “The schooling we have right at your backdoor at Bottineau – we have these programs available. We’re ready for you and would love to have you come out there.”
(Tour Guide) “The fish just come spilling out into the water.”

In Riverdale, Jim Olson, KX News.

The water camp was made possible by a grant from North Dakota Career and Technical Education.

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